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Recently Updated School Profiles #18: Kodaikanal International School, Future-Harvard International Kindergarten, & American School of Ulaanbaatar

Members of International School Community have written some new and informative comments on the following schools:

16 Oct  Kodaikanal International School (8 new comments)      Kodaikanal, India:

One of the new comments in the school information section: “As KIS is a residential school you could be assigned duties and responsibilities, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, in addition to the area of your primary focus. All Professional Staff (Teachers) are expected to chaperone/supervise; 3 evening student activities per semester, 1 camping weekend at Poondi campsite, a week-long field trip during field trip week…”

14 Oct  Future-Harvard International Kindergarten (9 new comments)      Dalian, China:

One of the new comments in the benefits information section: “Regular teachers get 8000 RMB a month (one year contract), team leaders get 18000 RMB a month (two year contracts)…”

13 Oct  American School of Ulaanbaatar  (8 new comments)      Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia:

One of the new comments in the school information section: “Age restriction is 50 years old basically, the Mongolian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is reluctant to issue a work permit to teachers who are over the age of 55. Most short listed candidates will be contacted by telephone and email. The school prefers to interview candidates with teaching certification from Ontario. New teachers usually start around 20 August. 2 year contracts are offered…”

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