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New Survey: Where are you spending your “extra” money while teaching abroad?

A new survey has arrived!

Topic:  Where are you spending your “extra” money while teaching abroad?

You tell your old teacher-friends from your home country about it.  It is the one thing you can boast about as it is not so common probably in your home country: A teacher having “extra” money.  International school teachers really do have an opportunity (in most placements) to be making “extra” money, some placements more than others.

Because you typically don’t need to have a car and sometimes don’t need to pay for your rent (among many other things that take a big cut out of your paycheck each month), international school teachers have some discretionary income for sure.  In some international schools, the percentage of your income that is discretionary can be over 50%!

Most teachers I know specifically go into the International School Community to make money.  Many of us have a good opportunity to make this extra money and then are able to do what we really would like to do with our lives.  Now this could mean many things to different people, thus our survey question.

Do you like to spend your extra money on traveling, new clothes (or getting them make for you) and going out to eat all the time?

Or maybe you are teaching abroad to increase the money in you savings account in your home country?

Are there any international school teachers out there donating their extra earnings?

On www.internationalschoolcommunity.com, each school profile page has a topic under the City section that is specifically about the places you can go and spend your extra money.  It is called:

Places, markets and stores where you can find really good deals.

Copenhagen International School

We have another topic on each school profile page under the Travel section that is specifically about how much traveling costs in that city in the world.  It is called:

Sample travel airfares from host city airport to destinations nearby.

American School of Barcelona

Finally, if you are into saving money while teaching abroad at international schools, we have a topic in our Benefits section on each school profile page about saving potential. It is called:

Average amount of money that is left to be saved

American School of Asuncion

There have been 100s of comments and information already submitted in these topics on numerous school profile pages on our website.  Log-on today to check out the latest comments related to how teachers are spending their “extra” money while teaching abroad.  If you currently work at or have worked at an international school, please also log-on and share what you know about how you and your colleagues spend their extra money.

So, Where are you spending your “extra” money while teaching abroad?  Go to the homepage of International School Community and submit your vote today!  You can check out the latest voting results here.