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International School Community Member Spotlight #13: Anne Llewellyn (An international teacher working in Peru)

May 31, 2012

Every 1-2 months International School Community will highlight one of our members in our Member Spotlight feature.  This month we interviewed Anne Llewellyn:

Tell us about your background.  Where are you from?

Portland, OR. I worked as a research scientist with the EPA for several years until the funding dried up.  I then returned to uni for a MEd and a teaching certificate.  Then I said: “Now I am going to see the world”.  I am going to learn all that cultural/language/life I didn’t have time for when studying science.

How did you get started in the international teaching community?

I love to learn about different cultures.  I did not want to be just a tourist.  I think everyone deserves a good education.

Which international schools have you worked at?  Please share some aspects of the schools that made them unique and fun places in which to work.

South America

over 20 years

Traveling to other countries to live and work gave me a perspective on the country, people and culture not possible as a tourist.
Each country and each school has their own insights on teaching and education.
The best part of teaching for me was instilling into my students a knowledge, respect and love of their own country.

Describe your latest cultural encounter in your current placement, one that put a smile on your face.

I needed to get some contact lens wetting solution… easy enough in Lima, Peru.  So I went to the local optical shop.  I asked for and got wetting solution.  Then when I asked if the solution contained preservativos I got a very puzzled look from the young man.  It seems that the correct Spanish word is preservanties not preservativos.  I asked is the solution contained condoms!!!!  When told what I had asked for I laughed and laughed!  I will not forget the correct word as long as I live.  I love these kinds of experiences.  They make living in another language/culture/country worth it.

What are some important things that you look for when you are searching for a new position at an international school?

Get as much information from other teachers as possible.  Period.  Then make your own decisions.

In exactly 5 words, how would you describe the international school teaching experience?


are the 5 words that come to mind.

Thanks Anne!  If you are a member of International School Community and would like to be our next member spotlight, contact us here.  If we choose to highlight you, you will get a coupon code to receive 6 months free of premium access to our website!

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Colegio Roosevelt Lima (FDR) [The American School of Lima]
Colegio Peruano Britanico
Hiram Bingham the British International School of Lima
Colegio San Silvestre
International Christian School of Lima
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