Video Highlight

Video Highlight: St. Michael’s International School (Kobe, Japan)

March 16, 2012

St. Michael’s international School

The campus looked quite purpose-built and new.  Most likely not the same building as they originally had in 1931.

How interesting that it has the highest number of students of all international schools in Europe; using the school search feature on our website, the other top international schools in Europe only have around 1400 total students.

Did you see that huge soccer pitch? Usually, you only see such large playing fields in international schools in other regions of the world, not Europe.

Looks like all international schools like to have an international day.  It is nice when a school specifically states that they welcome EAL students and are there to support them during their schooling.

Check out their school profile page on International School Community here.

There are 2 other international schools in Kobe, Japan.  They are:

Marist Brothers International School

Canadian Academy (Kobe)

Overall there are 34 international schools in Japan, with 20 of those being in Tokyo.