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New features on International School Community #3: Members List page and School profile page

International School Community’s goal is to have a website where our members can find international school teachers in which to easily contact and network.  Thus we are always working on improving the organization of our website and its features to better serve our members.

We have updated our Members List page to include a sorting feature.  Now visitors and members are able to sort our 324 (03 March, 2012) members more effectively now.  It is now possible to sort the list by Newest First, First Name, Last Name, Current School and By Location (also being able to sort these lists by Descending or Ascending order).  Go ahead and try it out and start contacting our members and networking today.  Who knows who you might find?!

We have also just completed two more updates to the school profile pages.  Now there is a Youtube video that can be found sometimes on a school’s profile page.  If there is one available, then it will show up under the map features.

The video shown will be related to the school, typically a review or overview of the school from the school itself.

The other update on the school profile page is the school’s Facebook feature.  If the school has a Facebook page that they update with the news from their school, it will now show up on the school’s profile page on our website.  The feature can be found under the Members of this School feature.

We now have 1126 (3 March, 2012) international school profile pages on our website.  Sign-on to our website and check out the new video and facebook updates on these schools!

There are many more improvements to come so stay tuned!

International School Community is indeed the new place to go to gather and share information about life at international schools.  Become a member of International School Community today!  You currently get 1 month of free premium access to our website when you sign up.  If you are already a member of International School Community, share what you know and submit some comments and information about the international schools you know about today!