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New features on International School Community #2: Number of comments, school profile views counter, and more!

International School Community’s goal is to have a website where the information that international school teachers want to know about is very easy to find.  Thus we are always working on improving the organization of our website and its features to better serve our members.

We now have 1095 (9 February, 2012) international school profile pages on our website.  On each school provide pages there are many, many different features and information. We have made some more changes on our school profile page.  Now there is a statistic showing the number of views on each school profile.  You can find this statistic under the link to the school’s website.

Which international schools are our members most interested in checking out?  Now you can check out which international school is the one that is most popular; the one that has been viewed the most, on our homepage under the Requested Schools to Be Reviewed section.  As of today the top school that has been viewed the most is Island Academy Antigua.

Another feature that has been added on the school profile page is the ‘city’ link.  Now members interested in working in a specific city in the world will find it easier to get to the other international school listed in that city on our website.  They can simply just click on the city’s name which can be found near the top of the school profile pages.  After you click on the city link, you will be transferred to the schools list page with the list of that city’s international schools opening up automatically.

We have also added some new widgets on the left side of the school profile page.  One section is called “Other schools in this country” which will display the other international schools listed in this country on our website.  The other section is called “Related schools” which will display other schools that meet the same search criteria as the one you are viewing.  These features are meant to help members to get to the other schools that are of interest to them much faster!

Another improvement has been made on the schools list page.  Now the number of comments and information that have been submitted for a certain school will show up next to the school’s name on the schools list.

There are many more improvements to come so stay tuned!

International School Community is indeed the new place to go to gather and share information about life at international schools.  Become a member of International School Community today!  You currently get 1 month of free premium access to our website when you sign up.  If you are already a member of International School Community, share what you know and submit some comments and information about the international schools you know about today!