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Great resource: Maps of world website and information about international schools

February 1, 2012

This website not surprisingly is an excellent resource for finding the map that best fits your needs, but it also oddly enough has some information about international schools.

There are at least two sections that we found that highlight the international schools in specific locations around world.  We would like to highlight those two sections.


Singapore International Schools

“In order to make education easily available to the foreign student the Singapore Government has made sure that there are quite a number of Singapore International Schools.  There are a number of Singapore International Schools and the foreign students need to appear for and clear a formal examination of the Immigration Department…”

There are 15 different international schools listed in Singapore on this website.

Currently, there are 13 international schools listed in Singapore on International School Community.

Saudi Arabia International Schools

“There are numerous international schools in Saudi Arabia. These schools offer educational programs mainly for the foreign nationals residing in this Middle Eastern nation. Most of the schools are generally non-profit seeking bodies and are governed by private bodies.

International Schools of Saudi Arabia can be classified into three broad divisions on the basis of the curriculum that they follow. The three main heads are U.S. model curriculum, U.K. model curriculum and International model. Though the third one has been inspired by the US model, it also consists of language programs in Urdu, Hindi, Arabic and Filipino.

The international schools at Saudi Arabia offer education from kindergarten to high school i.e., grade 10 level. It offers various subjects including science, arts, music, information technology, design technology, mathematics, etc.

Apart from the academic knowledge, Saudi Arabia international schools also emphasize on extra curricular activities such as sports, arts, clubs, etc. Students are encouraged to participate in various social and cultural events so as to bring an overall change in their persona.

Generally, these International Schools in Saudi Arabia are approved and recognized by some higher educational bodies of the respective country to which they belong. Moreover, they have also obtained the license for operation from the Ministry of education of Saudi Arabia. Though these schools are not allowed to admit Muslims but one can still get admission if the Ministry of Foreign Education at Saudi Arabia permits to do so.”

There are 5 different international schools listed in Saudi Arabia on this website.  Each of the 5 schools also has it own information page which is worthwhile to check out.  The 5 information pages can be found here: Asir Academy, Dhahran Campus School, Yanbu International School, Dhahran British Grammar School, and Jubail Academy International School.

Currently, there are 13 international schools listed in Saudi Arabia on International School Community.