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Using the School Profile Search feature on International School Community: Search Result #1

December 8, 2011

Only on International School Community will you be able to search for the perfect international school for you.  The possibility to search for international schools based on the type of school that best fits your criteria.  There are many different kinds of schools: ones that are tiny in student population and ones that have more than 1200 students, ones that are for-profit and ones that are non-profit, ones that are in very large cities and ones that are in towns of 1000 people, etc.  Each international school teacher has their own type of a school that best fits their needs as a teacher and a professional.  Most of us know what it is like to be working at a school that doesn’t fit your needs, so it’s best to find one that does!


Utilizing the School Profile Search feature on International School Community, you can search for the perfect school using up to 8 different criteria.  The 8 criteria are: Region of the world, Curriculum, School Nature, Number of Students, Country, Year Founded, Kinds of Students and Size of City.


Search Result #1


Criteria chosen:

  1. Region of the world (All)
  2. Curriculum (USA)
  3. School Nature (Non-Profit)
  4. No. of students (Medium: 300-700)
  5. Country (All)
  6. Year founded (16-50 Years Old)
  7. Kinds of students (Mostly International)
  8. Size of city (Medium: 750K-3 Million)



Schools Found: 3
China – Nanjing International School
Zambia – American International School of Lusaka
Ghana – Lincoln Community School



Why not start your own searches now and then start contacting the schools that best fit your needs!  Additionally, all premium members are able to access the more than 1600 comments and information that have been submitted on the hundreds of international school profiles on our website.


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