New survey: How many countries have you traveled to so far this year?

November 13, 2011

A new survey has arrived!  Topic:  How many countries have you traveled to so far this year?


Do you find yourself traveling to more than five new countries each year? 10 new countries? If you are an international school teacher that answer just might just be yes.  One international school teacher that we know was averaging 12 new countries each year in a three-year time span!

Is the number one reason for living abroad and working at international schools traveling?  We see time and time again many expat teachers planning out their trips months in advance in accordance to the calendar at their schools.  ”Where should I go to next?” we say to ourselves.  When we hear about another teacher’s travel plans to some cool, exotic location, then we also want to go there or go somewhere even better.  We are truly lucky that our lifestyles abroad allow us these amazing travel opportunities.

Many international school teachers are very conscious about the number of countries that they have been to in their lives so far. and other websites help us create our own world maps highlighting the countries we have been to so far.  But surely we are not traveling solely to get another country checked off of our lists.  We of course enjoy the thrill and excitement involved in experiencing a different language, culture, climate, etc. first hand.  This possible issue though is that do those reasons diminish the more countries we travel to in a year.  Maybe a topic for a future blog entry.

We are curious to see what the average number of countries that international school teachers go to each year.

So, what is your number of countries so far?  Go to the homepage of International School Community and submit your vote today!