Highlighted Year for Int’l Schools

International schools that were founded in 1974 (The Netherlands, Spain and Indonesia)

October 22, 2011

Random year for international schools around the world: 1974

Utilizing the database of the 923 international schools currently listed on International School Community, we found 3 international schools that were founded in 1974 (excepts about their founding are taken from the schools’ websites):

International Secondary School Eindhoven (Eindhoven, The Netherlands)

“The secondary or high school section opened its doors in September 1974. Initially, it only offered the London based General Certificate of Education (GCE) curriculum. In 1982, the pre-university International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum was introduced as a follow on to the GCE programme. At the present time, the school´s curriculum is based on the IB Middle Years and IB Diploma Programmes.”

American School Valencia  (Valencia, Spain)

“In 1974, the company Ford España, S.A. was established in Valencia, and many American and British families came over to create and develop the company. Within a short time, it became evident that schooling for the children of these families was needed and thus the Angloamerican School of Valencia in the town of Rocafort was created.  An increasing number of children from Valencia enrolled in the school, so that when the foreign families returned to their countries of origin, these Spanish families wanted to continue educating their children in a bilingual school. Los Monasterios was selected as the site, and the Spanish-English bilingual school, Colegio Hispano Norteamericano was built in 1980.  The name was changed to American School of Valencia to reflect the fact that our language of instruction, except in Spanish subjects, is English. Beginning with only 27 students, we now have 750 students from nursery to grade 12.”

International School Bogor (Bogor, Indonesia)

“The establishment of the Bogor Expatriate School was from a direct response and needs of expatriate families living in Bogor.  Our friend and mentor Mrs. Mahdi consulted Dr. Syarief Thayeb, the Minister of Education for advice and assistance.   Accordingly the Yayasan Bogor Expatriate School was established by notarial deed. In May 1974 Mr. L. Shepler, the director of industrial relations for the Good Year Company, formed a committee of expatriate parents to examine the various possibility to provide primary education in Bogor for the international community.  At the time, expatriate children living in Bogor, attended embassy schools in Jakarta, a drive of 1 to 2 hours for pre-school to grade 6 students over a road considered to be extremely dangerous.  In order to eliminate this daily travel,  Good Year Company spearheaded the effort to establish an expatriate school.  The many difficulties faced by this enterprising group were overcome and due to their determination, the Bogor Expatriate School was founded on June 15, 1974 in a converted house on Jalan Pangrango 15.”