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School profile highlights #9: Harrow Int’l School, Carlucci American Int’l School and British Int’l School (Vietnam)

October 13, 2011

Members of International School Community have written some new and informative comments and information on the following schools:

British International School (Vietnam) (4 new comments):

New information or comment: “They have a 15 point salary scale. New teachers are placed on the salary scale according to previous relevant experience and move up the scale annually. The salary scale is reviewed annually to take account of inflation and to keep the school competitive. A contract renewal bonus is offered for second and subsequent contracts.”


Harrow International School (Beijing) (9 new comments):

New information or comment: “Basic living in Beijing is very inexpensive. Teachers manage to return money to the UK to pay debts and mortgages, save a percentage or spend on travel opportunities in the region.”


Carlucci American International School of Lisbon (5 new comments) :

New information or comment: “The general allowance for all the shipping, baggage, flight, etc…is 2,250 USD, which is also taxed and reimbursed in Euros..”