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Blogs of international school teachers: “Starting my 30′s in Malaysia”

Are you inspired to start up a blog about your adventures living abroad?

Check out the experiences of another international school teacher from the day before they left to their new country to what they are writing about after a few months working abroad.

Our 8th blog that we would like to highlight is called “Starting my 30′s in Malaysia“   This teacher seems to be new to the international school community.  The part of their blog that we would like highlight is about their experience living in Malaysia working at International School of Kuantan.

Entries we would like to highlight:

The Night Before
“Once I get there I am sure the excitement will set in again. I am sure I will still have periods where I am homesick. I am so glad that the internet, cell phones and skype have all been invented, and I have access to them.”

What a wide range of emotions that you go through the day before you get on the flight to your new host country.  Thank goodness for Skype to help you stay in contact with your loved ones and also with your other international school teacher friends!

2nd Day- What amazing sights
“Tonight we went out to dinner at Restran Khalsa Baru and we ate roti naan ayam, tandoori- non-bread with sauces chicken curry, dahl, mint, and tandoori chicken. This is also an Indian restaurant so it was similar to what we have the other morning for breakfast. Instead of a crepe like food it was more like a flat bread. Again we ate with our fingers, and washed our hands at the end. With the chicken they just chop it up and don’t pay attention to bones, so one must be very careful when eating the chicken not to eat a bone.”

Oh, the first restaurant experiences in the host country; how memorable they will be for international school teachers!  Everything that is different from your own country becoming very vivid and apparent.  Westerners are not so skilled in the art of putting a piece of meat in your mouth and being able to work around the bone to spit that part back out.

Getting to know the school
“The schedule here is quite interesting and confusing right now. They have an 8 period day, but periods 1 &2, 3 & 4, and 6 & 7 are block periods. Periods 5 and 8 are single periods. They also do not have the classes the same time everyday.”

It takes some time to get used to new timetables.  Each school seems to have its own rules in how they come up with them.  It is hard not to immediately revert back to how the timetables worked at your last school that you worked at and how they did them there.  Especially if your new timetable only allows for you to have a 30 minute lunch each day with a 30 minute duty after you eat!

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