New survey: Which benefit is the most important to you??

June 5, 2011

Survey number 2 has arrived!  Topic: Which benefit is the most important to you?

Some schools offer all of these benefits, some only offer 1 of them if that!  It is important to remember that some schools offer really high benefits in one area that help offset the lack of benefits in other areas.  Sometimes schools keep their actual benefits a secret until you have the real contract right in front of you.  Lucky for the people to finally get the chance to look, but for the other prospective teachers, they want to know that information too.  Many times teachers spend hours preparing CVs and cover letters for schools not knowing those important details about the contract.  Schools should be better with giving their specific details upfront.  Until then, the members of International School Community are doing that work for you.  Each member is encourage to leave really specific information related to the benefits at the schools they current work at or have worked at in the past.

So, which is it?  Do you prefer a nice housing allowance to a nice salary?  Do you prefer a nice settling-in allowance to a great flight allowance?  Go to the homepage of International School Community and submit your vote today!