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School profile highlights #4: Int’l School of Havana, Copenhagen Int’l School and Int’l School of Curacao

May 29, 2011

Members of International School Community have written some new and informative comments on the following schools:

International School of Havana

New Comment: “Due to the complicated situation in regard to support for teacher visas, the school encourages candidates with Canadian citizenship or German citizenship to apply because the Cuban govt. makes it basically impossible to hire US citizens.”

Copenhagen International School

New Comment: ” The school definitely uses Skype as a means of interviewing. Sometimes there are 10 staff members in the Skype, accounting for many people in different positions throughout the school. They seems to make it a joint affair, hiring new staff.”

International School of Curacao

New Comment: ” You basically need to get a car here. Even though the island is like only 10 Km wide, you still need a car. The roads on the island also are not the best, so using a motorcycle is not recommended, especially when there is bad weather.”