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Highlighted article: Destinations and Dispositions (IKEA dependence)

May 28, 2011

What an interesting article by David Truss.

I’d like to talk about IKEA for a moment.  IKEA is indeed the best friend of international school teachers.  What a great friend too because it travels with you where ever to go to in the world.  Within the first 2-3 weeks of moving to a new country, each and every time I find myself at IKEA buying new furniture (sometimes even buying the same furniture that I purchase at my previous placement!).  I never used to buy so much IKEA stuff when I lived in my home country.

What draws me back each time?  It is common knowledge that a trip to IKEA causes your “inner-craziness” to come out in full force.  Navigating the maze of the store to get to the checkout lines, sometimes I need a straight jacket!  Now try doing that same journey in another country’s IKEA in Spain, China, etc…MADDENING! Yet, I’m still drawn to its “cheap” and “affordable” furniture and furnishings.

But like all good friends, you go through ups and downs in your relationship.  I always forgive IKEA and come back to him/her.  I always say to my best friends that “I will be very sad at your funeral.”  After looking at IKEA furniture like “Jeff” the trusty, cheap chair for years and years, of course, I will be sad at Jeff’s funeral when it breaks (true story).  Likewise, Jeff will be sad when I sell it away to somebody on in the internet or leave it with another friend when I move to a new country and can’t take it with me.

Maybe it is time that I finally say goodbye to IKEA for good.  But, IKEA seems to not accept when I say “no” to him/her!   IKEA responds “Take me back! I love you!  You know you can’t live without me!”  And every time IKEA wins me back, every time.

IKEA.  Thank goodness for you!