Blogs of International Teachers

Blogs of International School Teachers (#1 – “an adventure of a lifetime…”)

May 15, 2011

Your first job at an international school and starting your new BLOG…

I did it.  When I got my first job at an international school, I definitely was inspired to start up a blog about my adventures living abroad.

Our new category on the International School Community blog is “Blogs of International School Teachers.”  Check out the experiences of another teacher from the moment they signed the contract to what they are writing about after 3 years working abroad.

Our first blog that we will highlight is called “an adventure of a lifetime…” found here.

Entries we would like to highlight:

After signing the contract
“So what am I doing… I know don’t be surprised! I am moving to Guatemala City for the next two years to teach at the American School of Guatemala….”

Finding out more about the position
“I found out this week that I will be teaching 3rd grade next year in Guatemala. I am very excited about this for many reasons….”

The official goodbye
“Friends and family! I leave in 3 days!! AHH! I am very excited! I have had a wonderful time with all of my friends and family over this last month. It has flown by, but I am ready and I know that I am supposed to make this move to Guatemala….”

One of the first adventures in the host country
“The volcano was INCREDIBLE! Volcan Pacaya is still very active and we were able to walk up to the flowing lava…”

The first week
“My first week in Guatemala has flown by. Since I actually have some time to sit, relax and reflect I figured I would let y’all hear about my journey so far. I arrived on Monday July 2nd and was met by two men from the American School where I will be teaching. Luckily a nice man Rafael helped me get my 4 large pieces of luggage out to the car…”