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Great link #3: Statistical data about the lives of expats.

April 20, 2011

It can be viewed as a very ideal lifestyle most of the time, the life of an expat.  But what is it exactly that makes our expat lifestyles so desirable?  What aspects of expats’ lives have improved since moving to live abroad? What aspects have not improved?

Personally, I know in my family (including all my relatives) they all talk about how amazing life must be living abroad.  However, NONE of them live abroad.  To me, that gives the impression that expats are definitely not in the majority.  Most of the people in the world prefer to stay in one place, their whole life.

So, what are the statistics about the true lives of expats?

Check out this link at to read the statistical data about the lives of expats that they have written about.

Here are some highlights from the topics written about on that page:

19% of Expats Contact Family and Friends More Frequently Since Moving Abroad
Expats based in countries that score low on the overall experience league table were most likely to contact their friends and family more frequently since becoming an expat.

52% of Expats Believe That The Standard of Education Has Improved Since Moving Overseas
expats believe that their children enjoy better quality childcare and a better education whilst living abroad than they did in their home country.

61% of Expats Saving More While Living Abroad
Although saving levels amongst expats as a whole have dropped since 2009, 61% of expats are still saving more whilst working abroad and one in five (20%) are able to pay off more debt than when they lived in their country of origin.

Are Expat Children More Likely to Live Abroad as Adults?
Expat parents also felt their children were likely to be more internationally minded having grown up away from their country of origin, with 89% expecting their children to live or work abroad in the future.

Which Expat Destinations Offer the Best Quality of Life?
Saudi Arabia (85%), Qatar (83%) and Russia (76%) are the most popular countries for those citing financial gain and increased career progression as one of the key motivations to become an expat.