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Great link #2: What’s it Like Teaching Abroad? An International Teacher Case Study

April 14, 2011

We found this link at shelteroffshore.com which is a website geared towards expats.

“Shelter Offshore is a directly aligned resource for internationally minded individuals – or in other less confusing and ‘jargony’ words, we the team who write and research for this online publication do so because we are passionate about the international lifestyle. What’s more, we genuinely want to offer up quality information, facts and even advice to others who want to explore life outside the box that they are currently living in!”

Topics on the website include: banking and saving, living abroad and expatriate services.

Highlighted article – What’s it Like Teaching Abroad? An International Teacher Case Study

“If you’ve ever considered the option of going abroad to teach at an international school, then this article featuring a case study who has worked at many international schools is for you”

Highlights from the article:

How has teaching abroad benefited you and how has your international experience affected your family?

It’s been the best thing that could have happened for us all, even for Matthew who never actually lived abroad with me, because we spent quality time when we were together, not so much quantity time but really good quality time.  Both Matthew and Jessica are much more internationally-minded because of this.  They have both traveled more extensively as a result and experienced different countries not just from the perspective of a holiday-maker but from actually living there.

Finally, what advice would you give to anyone thinking about going to live abroad and work as a teacher at an international school?

Well, I would absolutely recommend it!  Not just for developing you professionally but also developing you personally.  The people who work in international schools are incredibly positive, interesting, confident, independent people.  They are really open, friendly and interested in you as a person.  I think that’s the type of person who is attracted to working abroad and also you are dependent on each other for so many things because you have no family close at hand and so, as a result, you become more supportive and inclusive of others who are in the same situation.

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